Apostolic Basketball Association



About the ABA

Mission Statement

The Apostolic Basketball Association (ABA) exists as an evangelism tool to provide support to apostolic ministries when they use the sport of basketball as a means for raising funds for the work of God.


The ABA is essentially a website designed to:
  • Give local apostolic ministries a national platform on which to advertise and promote their basketball tournaments.
  • Make players and fans more aware of tournaments taking place around the country.
  • For registered players that would like, the ABA will post their game statistics from any ABA promoted tournament in which they participate.
Before the ABA will promote a tournament, the minstry sponsoring the tournament will need to register with the ABA (see Registration).  The ABA is designed to promote tournaments targeted for adult participation.

Before the ABA will post a player's statistics the player will need to register with the ABA (see registration).